Wednesday, February 10, 2016

JD Welding Decor

I'm super proud and inspired by my oldest brother Jordan for his new business en-devour!
Like me, he is a hands on worker and always stays busy learning new skills and working on projects that test his talent. Still a senior in high school, he has taught himself some of the most valuable of trades on his own. From auto mechanics, wood working, farming, gun building, welding, you name it.

He is just about to graduate and trying to get himself into welding school, that he is paying for himself. We all know how tough it can be to get through school and working full time, so he started his own Etsy shop to make a little extra money getting some more practice with welding by making cool hand crafted decor. I really want him to be able to complete school, something I was not able to do. He is passionate about the things he loves, hard working, and driven, which I find to be very rare in kids his age now a days. Take a look! In addition he is really good at creating custom work, so if you have any request feel free to send him a message!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Crompton Collective Vintage Wedding Week

I had a a great Sunday at Crompton Collective, for Vintage Wedding Week. I set up my American Gentleman Display for my upcoming wedding line. I had great feedback and lots of interest, so I cant wait to share whats new very soon! 
I really enjoyed seeing brides "to be" taking the time to check out each and every vendor's table, getting ideas and planning. It's kind of cool to think that I, along with the rest of the vendors participating today could potentially be "a part" of their big day. Something about that makes me feel really good inside :]

I have an exclusive wedding catalog that I will be emailing to those who signed up today, and if anyone else is interested in my American Gentleman Wedding Catalog, send me an email:

Also thanks to everyone who took the time to check out my table! 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What I Made Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

For Christmas I got a ukulele, which I have been dying to own. For the past week now, I have been obsessed with learning how to play. It's been a great way to relieve stress, and helps me stay focused on one thing only, and clear my head, although I don't think my neighbors appreciate my late night practice session.
I have really grown to love this little instrument and like everything I own, I wanted to decorate it. Anytime I see a blank space I instantly think of what I could painting or stick on it, to make it pretty.
This past week I decided to paint one of my newer designs on the back of my ukulele, and it came out beautifully!

I also mustered up the courage to make a quick video to see what I sound like playing. I surprisingly picked up reading music again very quickly. This video is my first attempt at the song, so it kind of shows how fast I can pick up the chords and learn new songs. This was also another late late night practice session. I started playing around with new songs around 11:00pm and when I check the clock it was 1:30am, I guess time does really fly by when your having fun!